March 12, 2023
Grand Hyatt Dubai
Sky 2.0


Meetup Dubai

Sponsored by: Logo Sigma.


CPA Club Connect — is CPA Club international forum's official meetup held in partnership with SIGMA. The event is aimed — at bringing together industry experts who wish to enlarge their circle of connections, find partners and upgrade their sales skills.

The official part of the event will be held at the Grand Hyatt Dubai. The event features such outstanding speakers as the world-famous Wolf of the Wall Street Jordan Belfort. They will share some tips on building the right sales strategy and improving business performance, after which you will have a unique opportunity to take part in the Q&A session.

The afterparty will be hosted at Sky2.0 night club. Come ready for a thrilling dance show and an evening program by a world-class DJ.

We represent CPA Club International Forum that bridges affiliate industry players from seasoned businessmen and traffic monetizers to company leaders.

Our main objective is to develop a frontmost business community that will help the attendants to share experiences and find reliable partners, including services, affiliate programs, or advertising networks and conferences.

The event is an official meetup implemented in partnership with SIGMA, in the scope of which a conference will be held in Dubai from March 13-15.

SIGMA is a leading business center that organizes world-class events. It brings together a diverse community of IT professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors of all stripes, from casinos to land-based and even crypto betting. The events feature a range of formats, including discussions and speeches, seminars, and various networking sessions. Owing to its audience, SiGMA has become an internationally acclaimed center for business development and innovation, its events often defining the agenda for the future of the industry as a whole.

What's on the radar at CPA Club Connect

  • more than 1000

    associates from the affiliate industry

  • world


  • networking

    in a global business community

  • rock stars of the sales industry

    at arm's length only at our meetup

  • afterparty

    at a ritzy venue in Dubai

Target audience of the meetup

  • Investors and entrepreneurs in affiliate marketing
  • Owners and arbitrage team leaders
  • C-level management
  • Media buyers

The meetup participants will have an opportunity to meet industry experts, establish business connections and discuss partnerships with global advertisers. It's a chance to discover marketing trends and effective sales strategies, share experiences with fellow-professionals and get inspiration in the run-up to the SIGMA 2023 conference.


Jordan Belfort.

Jordan Belfort

The Wolf of Wall Street

One of the speakers at the meetup isJordan Belfort, known by the nickname The Wolf of Wall Street, an American speaker, author of two memoirs and a former broker.

His name appeared in the most influential financial circles in New York City in the '90s. Belfort founded Stratton Oakmont, a company that traded cheap stocks over the phone. The firm's financial turnover reached a billion dollars.

With his profound knowledge of the evolution of sales technology, and his expert grasp of classic and cutting-edge marketing techniques, Jordan is able to sell absolutely anything.

Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions.

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If you think that only those who directly work with this niche need knowledge of a unique sales system, you are mistaken.

You sell something every day:
- your brand during the speech at the conference
- traffic to get an increased rate on the offer
- offer for testing by top teams
- services of the company for the conclusion of the transaction
- your interview skills

The list is endless! Sales are the key to success in business, so we invite you to improve this skill with the help of sales guru Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street.


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Afterparty, that promises

an unforgettable experience

The attendants will enjoy a fantastic atmosphere at SKY2.0. It is a standalone nightclub run by Sky Management, based in the heart of the Dubai Design District focusing on the fashion industry, design and contemporary art. SKY2.0, best known for its authenticity, reflects the city's vibrant energy. Visitors particularly appreciate the venue's top-notch service and superb music. SKY2.0's unusual design is the ingenious creation of Chafik El Khazen and French architect Michel Sarfati.

Afterparty venue

Club video.

Club photo.

Club photo SKY2.0.
Club photo SKY2.0.
Club photo SKY2.0.
Club photo SKY2.0.
Club photo SKY2.0.
Club photo SKY2.0.


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  • 13:00

    welcome drink

  • 14:00

    Jordan Belfort's speech,
    Part 1

  • 15:30

    Coffee break

  • 16:30

    Jordan Belfort's speech,
    Part 2

  • 18:30

    Q&A session

  • 19:30

    Event closing

  • 21:00



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